About us

Daksmed Group of Companies

It was founded in 2008, nowadays the company is one of the leading distributors of high-technologic medical devices, tools, consumable materials and equipment for different medical specialties.

The production represented in the company portfolio is used in more than 50 medical enterprises all over the country: from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

The mission of the company is searching and introducing high-technologic

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solutions in the healthcare sphere which support the increasing of quality of medical services provided to the population as well as the health improvement of the nation in the whole.

The integration of the information technologies to medicine determined the new development vector of the Daksmed Company Group as a full participant of the process of developing innovational medical intellectual solutions together with its manufacturing partners.


Daksmed Group of Companies product portfolio contains reliable high-technologic equipment from the largest world leaders as well as manufacturers specialized in innovational medical specialties.

The production of the company helps the patients to return to their usual way of life. Realizing the responsibility for people’s health and life related to the company activity, Daksmed maintains the high standards while choosing the manufacturing partners, guaranteeing the high quality of the delivered production.

Medical devices, tools and consumable materials required for high-technologic minimally invasive treatment of wide scope of cardiovascular diseases, diseases of cerebral vessels and peripheral arteries occupy the main place in the goods assortment of the company.

Continuous search for new methods and technologies is conducive to scope increase and allows us to offer only the best modern healthcare solutions to our customers. Nowadays the Daksmed Company Group is a full participant of the process of development of innovational medical intellectual solutions together with its manufacturing partners.


The Daksmed Company Group is represented by the wide network of representative offices all over Russia and supplies advanced medical solutions to more than 50 medical enterprises.  

Leading federal centers of Russia work with the production of the Company: Meshalkin Research Institute of Blood Circulation Pathologies, Kaliningrad Federal Center of Cardiovascular Surgery, Tomsk Research Institute of Cardiology, Research Institute of Complex Problems of Cardiovascular Diseases, Branch of Federal State Budget Organization – Research Institute of Cardiology, Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Tyumen Cardiologic Center, as well as private medical institutions: “Medsi” Clinical-Diagnostic Center, European Clinic of Dr. B.Yu. Bobrov, “Mother and Child” Multi-Specialty Centers of Modern Medicine, Euromed, etc.

By building long-term partnerships the company timely informs the doctors and patients about the new production, possibilities of choosing medical devices while treating various diseases, organizes the specialized courses, attracting the foreign proctors in order to introduce the innovational methods to the work of Russian healthcare institutions. The production of the company helps thousands of people to return to their usual way of life every year, and the network of production warehouses and the goods stock allow immediately performing the delivery to anywhere in Russia. 

Our team

Daksmed Group of Companies follows high standards both in manufacturing partners selection and employees team forming.

Our team is a high qualified professional with an extensive experience in the medical devices supplying. The majority of employees are having medical degree so they can provide full information and technical support to the doctors and patients in search of rational techniques and methods.

Company`s development

By embodying the opportunities,

We create the future

Since its foundation the company has been continuously advancing. By constantly developing we develop our partners as well. The company takes active part in organizing specialized training and scientific events (congresses, symposiums, conferences, trainings) dedicated to optimization of all the required processes in order to provide the most efficient medical services in Russia.

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more than 62
thousands persons
return to their usual way of life every year due to the production of the company
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representative offices
of the company in the Siberian, Central, Far Eastern, Ural, Volga, Northwestern and Southern federal districts supply medical solutions to medical institutions all over Russia
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more than 30
are ready to provide informational and technical support in order to search for the optimal solutions conducive to keeping the high quality of life for the patients