BARD Inc. was founded in New York in 1907. From a small firm, the creator of which was its only employee, the company developed into a large transnational corporation with offices in 90 countries with a total staff of 15 thousand people.

The company became the first manufacturer of disposable medical products for in-patient procedures. To-date, Bard focuses its efforts on providing increasingly specialized products and services that help improve clinical and economic performance and improve patient satisfaction. The company has 4 major subdivisions in the field of disease treatment, which together produce more than 15 thousand medical products:

  • Management of patients with vascular diseases: a wide range of minimally invasive devices for the treatment of peripheral vascular diseases, terminal stage of renal failure and arrhythmias.

  • Management of patients with urological diseases: classical urological drainage devices, devices for collecting the contents of the intestine and bladder, specialized urological devices and devices for maintaining the set temperature. The Foley catheter, which Bard brought to market in 1934, remains one of the most commonly used products in urology.

  • Management of patients with oncological diseases: a wide range of devices used to treat and manage patients with various malignant tumors.

  • Surgical pathology: implantable and fixative devices for the treatment of hernia, soft tissue suturing, in addition to products providing hemostasis and surgical sealants.

Bard Inc. about itself: "The key values of BARD are: Quality, Professional ethics, High level of service, Innovation make the foundation of our attitude to reality and a springboard for our aspirations. In these values, we are looking for support, and the difficulties that we face help to advance our mission. It is these values that determine our behavior and what we want to be for our colleagues, clients, shareholders and communities in whose lives we are somehow involved".

Daksmed Group of Companies presents BARD Inc. products in the following areas: Angioplasty. Access and Diagnosis, Peripheral Angioplasty