NPK EVIPRO LLC is a Russian research and production company established in 2015 and focused on the development and production of high-tech medical products.

One of the main company's production lines is the manufacture of affordable consumables for endovascular surgery. Which, in particular, allow preventing the occurrence of such common consequences of the patency violation in the blood vessels of the heart, as the infarction of myocardium and head vessels named the stroke.

No less relevant and demanded line of the company's production is the manufacture of hemostatic materials, which are extremely necessary for the effective hemostasis during any surgical intervention. These haemostatic materials have a number of advantages, such as rapid arrest of bleeding, high biocompatibility and additional antibacterial properties.

The company continuously searches and learns the best world scientific achievements and trends in order to introduce innovative high-tech medical solutions into its product range that will compete not only with the existing Russian products but also with the products of leading foreign manufacturers.

The company's portfolio includes product development in the following areas: Angiography. Access and Diagnosis, Peripheral Angiography, Coronary Angiography, ECG Monitoring, Smart Hospital