INDI TAG Co., Ltd. is the Korean engineering design company founded in 2005.

E-TAG technology developed by the company offers an innovative way of displaying various types of information, which allows optimizing operational processes within any organization. Technology helps to increase profitability of activities and generates reserves for further development.

To provide information output, the E-TAG technology uses specialized displays based on the E-ink solution, called "electronic paper". Displays do not require constant power consumption, which makes them mobile and easy to install, and the flexible software easily adapts to a wide range of tasks.

E-TAG technology supports multiple updates of content (text/images/barcodes, etc.), minimizing financial, temporal and human resources to replace old information. In addition, information can be displayed automatically, being synchronized with the Customer's Information system.

E-TAG technology is very essential for the areas with a flow of frequently changing information, the relevance of which needs to be maintained, for example:

  • Patient cards in the intensive care unit
  • Price lists in stores
  • Badges for company employees, participants of exhibitions, conferences, round tables
  • Access Control System
  • Information boards / timetables

Daksmed Group of Companies jointly with INDI TAG Co., Ltd. has developed unique high tech medical solutions, more details can be found in the Smart Hospital product category.