Smart Hospital

Smart Hospital

In the modern age of high technology, the competently work with information becomes an important aspect. Only by building the optimal data processing process, including its timely input / output to maintain relevance, it is possible to eliminate errors and reduce the costs of any company.

The Daksmed Group of companies acts as a co-developer of a number of specialized information solutions integrated with innovative high-tech devices, the implementation of which will allow the following:

  • improve the quality of medical care and cover a larger number of the population

  • achieve better treatment results, to reduce the rate of early mortality and disability of the able-bodied population

  • reduce the number and duration of hospitalizations, as well as the cost of hospital stay

Currently, the portfolio of the Daksmed Group of companies in this area is represented by the "SMART MEDICINE" development, together with INDI TAG Co., Ltd., "MONITORING CENTRE" and WEB Biotechnology Pte Ltd.

Actual positions

Smart Medicine

Smart Medicine implies proprietary software, as well as innovative way of displaying various information types - "E-TAG displays" that support multiple number of content updates (text/images/barcode, etc.) to minimize financial, time and human resources in old information replacing process. In addition, the displays do not require an electricity connection, and the information can be displayed automatically, synchronized with the Medical Institution system. Thin and lightweight wireless e-TAG displays look like the usual paper badges, which due to the wide size range can be used for various tasks:

  • personnel badges with access control function

  • bedside cards for patients

  • decals on the Cabinet doors

  • speaker badges for scientific events

  • electronic schedule

  • warehouse / archive tags

  • etc.

The introduction of ETAG displays to the Medical Institutions daily practice will not only save money, but also strengthen the status of innovative high-tech facility!

Our company provides a full range of services for the implementation and maintenance of the "Smart hospital". To learn more about the possibility of integration of this solution in your Medical institution, please contact our managers.

Monitoring Center

The Monitoring Center is a remote online ECG monitoring service for the patients having an acute disease.

With this new complex solution, which includes new generation portable ECG recorders, special software with security control and monitoring hospital rooms, it became possible to solve a number of issues:

  • creation of mass remote cardiovascular diseases diagnostics;
  • timely response to the deterioration of the patient's condition – automated online analysis of ECG monitoring data and notification system in case of emergency. Close interaction of the doctor (medical institution) and patients;
  • the solution is developed on the basis of Cloud technologies that ensure the preservation and secure access to patient data from anyplace and with any device;
  • control by one duty specialist of a group of patients. The solution can be easily scaled both by the number and type of devices and by the patient base size.
The simplicity and versatility of this Solution allows it to be used not only at the level of public health programs, but also in private medical centers, and in personal use as well – with help of individual ECG recorders with an intuitive interface, which is regularly used by the patient himself.