Modern veterinary medicine provides everything that is necessary for timely diagnosis, correct treatment and competent care of animals.

Currently, veterinary services are in demand both among professionals in the field of industrial livestock/poultry/fur farming, specialists in breeding purebred and pedigree animals, and among pet owners.

The list of services of modern veterinary clinics includes not only fracture treatment, routine examinations and vaccinations, but also ultrasound, ECG, surgical interventions of different complexity. Most veterinary clinics have modern high-tech equipment and equipped specialized hospitals.

For this sector, Daksmed Group of Companies included into portfolio the products of such manufacturers as Evipro, INDI-TAG.

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Medical technologies are constantly evolving while the need to close surgical wounds remains unchanged. Suture material is a necessary attribute and tool of any surgical intervention, even in veterinary medicine. Currently in medicine, there is a great variety of different suture materials.

SPC EVIPRO LLC (Russia) presents a full line of modern high quality synthetic suture materials:

• Polyglycoic acid
• Polyglactin 910
• Polydioxanone
• Polyglycolide caprolactone
• Polypropylene

Convenient form of release with great variability in footage (1-200 meters) allows you to choose a suture material with the required characteristics at an affordable price.

For procurement contact:
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The optimal processing of information, including its timely input / output to maintain relevance, will be able to eliminate errors and optimize the costs of any enterprise. The E-TAG visualization system allows you to display information multiple times, in a timely manner, quickly, economically - without connection to the power supply network and long installation!

The system has a wide range of applications in various fields, thanks to flexible software, a large range of E-TAG displays with various mounting options for all kinds of tasks, for example:

1. Veterinary clinics

The E-TAG system is integrated with the internal information system of the organization, and allows to instantly show relevant information on the displays. The thin and lightweight E-TAG wireless displays can be used to perform the following functions:

• Electronic timetable / signs on the doors of offices with information about the doctor / invitation plates
• Name badges of employees with access control function
• Electronic displays for boxes of veterinary hospitals, with information about the pet displayed on them (name, breed, weight, age, diagnosis, appointments of a veterinarian, contacts of the owner of the animal)
• etc.

2. Equestrian sports complexes / hippodromes / stables

High performance of sport horses is achieved by combining

rational conditions of their keeping and training, correct diet and feeding regimen, timely care and support of medical personnel. The achievement of this goal is facilitated both by the organization of general-purpose information carriers (in the locker rooms, the menu of the day in the cafe, the loading schedule of the arena, etc.), and by the display of important information on the stall to optimize the work with animals:

• appointments for ration and feeding regimen (customizable update schedule: daily, weekly, etc.)
• recommendations / schedule for a personal groom or trainer
• recommendations / appointments of a veterinarian
• advertisements for the horse's sale
• information about the horse and its regalia
• information / advertisement about the conditions for renting horses for training / photo sessions
• etc.