Magadan regional hospital: share experience, rejoice in the success

Magadan regional hospital: share experience, rejoice in the success

Magadan region is a land of incredible history. After decades, the rapid development of this land seems all the more fantastic that just a century ago, among the wild hills and taiga people here still led an ancient way of life.

In 1933, the first Emergency Care station was organized in Magadan. Today the situation in the health care field is changing fundamentally. In the last few years, it became possible to stop the personnel outflow to the Central regions of the country. On the contrary, medical specialists from the "mainland" began to come to the region because of remuneration contract system. According to the target Federal programs, hospitals and FAPs received modern equipment and medicines. Huge funds are allocated to local budgets for restoration and repair: according to experts, for the last 2 years for these purposes funds have been allocated as much as for the last 10 years.

The opening date of the Magadan regional hospital is considered to be July 1, 1955. Now it serves the population of more than 150 thousand people.

The Daksmed Group of Companies is actively working with Health Care institutions in Russia, equipping them with advanced solutions that improve the quality of medical care provided to the population.

We share news and help to understand the nuances of the work of doctors, both in seminars and by organizing demonstration educational programs directly on the territory of the medical institutions.

In June 2014, the Daksmed Group of Companies equipped the Magadan regional hospital with modern angiographic device – Lunawave (TERUMO).

LUNAWAVE is the most powerful, technically advanced, easy-to-use and safe coronary artery imaging system available today (a true Japanese quality, verified at every stage of production).

The presence of OCT system Luna Wave makes it possible to determine the necessary tools, in view of more accurate measurement of vascular lesions by visualization, study the procedure results after a time and analysis of the need for re-intervention, improving the quality of diagnosis, procedures techniques and health of the region population.

In addition to negotiations with the manufacturer and the delivery of the OCT system from the manufacturer to the cath lab, the Daksmed Group of Companies specialists carried out a full initial system testing, organized training of personnel and provided consumables.

Helping people the Daksmed Group of Companies is happy to share the experience!