The Day of the Medical Worker 2017

The Day of the Medical Worker 2017

Congratulations on the Day of the Medical Worker of clients and colleagues. Dear colleagues, partners and friends!

We heartily congratulate all of you on your professional holiday!

The goal of Daksmed Group of Companies is to unite the efforts of many people (manufacturers, doctors, partners and employees of the company) in order to make medical assistance more effective, and the use of quality medical products - simple and affordable.

The contribution of every Daksmed Group of Companies employee into the improvement of people’s quality life allows us to consider that the Day of the Medical Worker is also our professional holiday.

We congratulate all employees of Daksmed Group of Companies, all our partners-suppliers of medical products, all doctors, nurses, chemists, pharmacists and organizers of healthcare on this professional holiday! We wish health to all of you and great personal happiness!

 Sincerely yours, Daksmed Group of Companies

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