The unique technique of surgery on the esophagus is now available to Irkutsk surgeons.

The unique technique of surgery on the esophagus is now available to Irkutsk surgeons.

A teenager who could not swallow was operated in the Ivano-Matryoninsky hospital today. He even lost 30 kilograms because of that. After manipulations of the surgeon, the patient will not have even a scar. 
There are unusually many people in the operating room today. Surgeons of the Ivano-Matryoninsky Children’s Hospital came to watch the work of doctors from St. Petersburg. They perform a unique operation.

Look how wide the esophagus is. They concur very well. We're going to clear everything so that we can see well. The spine is clearly visible”.

The patient is a young man who has been suffering from cardiac achalasia accompanied by problems with swallowing for several years.

We will try to help him. We will do an operation called myotomy

without cuts on the skin, through the mouth. We will dissect the muscular layer of the esophagus and thus make him able to eat”, - says Alexander Smirnov, the head of the endoscopic service of the First Medical University of St. Petersburg.

Similar operations are performed with the help of an endoscope. Alexander Smirnov holds the console in his hands, with which he controls the camera and surgical instruments.

The patient was preparing for the operation for several days. During this time, he adhered to a special regime. In the operating room, the preparation is divided into two stages.

This time anesthesia took 40 minutes, along with setting up the equipment. Several different devices must work together ideally, so that there are no failures during the operation.

In Irkutsk, such interventions used to be performed either in the open way or with punctures. They entailed serious complications and left large scars on the patient’s body.

This operation is absolutely scarless, the so-called stealth surgery or invisible surgery. Because the incision is made on the esophagus mucosa, it is hidden from all eyes, except the eyes of the endoscopist”, - says Yuri Kozlov, head of the Center for Surgery and Reanimation of Newborns of the Ivano-Matryoninsky Children’s Clinical Hospital.

This operation is considered unique only today. Irkutsk surgeons will independently perform such procedures and improve lives of patients with esophageal diseases.